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Bax Coen On cover of DejaVu Intl.

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

3662479374_da6f30ca27Check out the current Issue of Deja Vu International magazine as you will find Bax Coen on the cover as well as a fashion spread along with an Interview featuring  the Boots Tycoon. Get to know her and see the beautiful pictures taken by Cicciuzzo Gausman a master in SL’s Photography as you will find.  The best thing is yet to come: you get a sneak peak of the brand new Boots that Bax Coen is working on right now and which are soon to be released, hold your horses I said soon! There you have something to look forward too, to make sure you join our Updates group either the regular in world type or if you don’t have group space a “Non- group-space required one” is available to your convenience. Enjoy reading and stay tuned for more fashion fabulousness.

SerinaJane Loon
Bax Coen managing Director

Bax Accessories hair Nathalie

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Bax accessories - hair nathalie with color exmaples mockup

BAX Accessories Hair Nathalie
Do you need new hair for summer? Are you looking for something special, that not everyone else has? Check out the new BAX Nathalie Hair. Sporty, elegant, and classic, an everyday style with a diamond studded headband – both band and diamonds have full color change features! Four color packs are available, with four colors in each pack.
* Color changing Diamonds and Headband
* Set glow intensity for more, less or no sparkling
* Copiable and Modify

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