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Sophisticated – BAX Prestige Boots brown

Saturday, September 26th, 2009


Getting ready for Fall?

Perfect timing as the BAX “Prestige” Boots are now available in 4 warm tones of brown,
customizable to your needs as you love it with the famous top options. Like with all BAX Prestige Boots, they include the new groundbreaking Fitting System and we provide free Fitting Service – Ask a Customer Service Representative or register your fitting request at the Service Terminal in our Main-store.


Bax Coen Designs is hiring…

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Bax Customer Service Job Overview

Since 2007 Bax Coen Designs has brought quality to Second Life®, the brand that stands for innovation, high quality and classic design. Bax Coen™ Designs is a Grid leader in branded luxury products and is expanding locally.

We are currently looking for
Sales Consultants

Are you an experienced Second Life Resident with a flair for fashion
and an appreciation for the finer things in Second Life®?
Do you Love Bax Boots™?
Have you been a customer and even convinced your friends to shop at Bax Coen™ designs as well?
You have excellent communication skills and enjoy assisting others?
You want to commit yourself to a long term working relationship?


Debugged your Level-Of-Detail?

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

RenderVol-1I’m sure many of you already know about this issue, but I am also sure that many don’t. Since the release of Bax Prestige Boots, they have been blogged quite a few times. Thank you very much for that :). But in many of the Blog pictures that show Bax Prestige Boots, we recognized lines on them between the foot and calf part. Of course we immediately investigated on that, the result was that the pictures were taken with the camera moved away and then zooming in with ctrl+0, witch is  perfectly right. Though zooming in closely requires also to Debug your RenderVolumeLODFactor in your personal SL™ viewer settings. This issue is not new, but it seems that now it has become even more important, even with all settings on ULTRA you may experience that your sculpties are somehow borked, thanks to the default Level-Of-Detail settings. Sometimes less, sometimes more obvious. So we thought it definitely wouldn’t hurt to draw some attention on this matter, as it is a very common issue with an easy fix.


Bax Prestige in delicous Red!

Friday, September 4th, 2009

New color(s) for the highly acclaimed latest Release of Bax Coen Boots:

The ‘Prestige’ in delicious Red!

Bax Coen has started another revolution with “Prestige”!
Highly detailed in textures and sculpting, now available in four shades of Red,
customizable to your needs as you love it with the famous top
options and the newly introduced groundbreaking Fitting System.
They truly are going to “Make your Legs Famous”

Whats New and Hot about them:

  • Color changeable Main Fabric —  choose between 4 (four) color shades of Red:
    Fire, Maroon, Burgundy and Grape
  • Read about the other great features here and see them in Black and white

Come to Bax Coen main-store
Your new Boots are waiting to be served get your copy now to Make Your Legs Famous.

They have been blogged over at Timeless Agency and Photographing SL

Your BAX Coen Designs Team

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