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Bax Coen Designs at Shoe Fair 2011

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

BAX Prestige Boots Dark Brown Suede NEW exclusively at Shoe Fair 2011.

Many many requests we got from you about making an additional Dark Brown Suede for the BAX Prestige Boots, here it is.

Until the end of Shoe Fair 2011 they are exclusively available at this event which raises money for Soles4Souls Charity for more information also visit Official Shoe fair blog.

20% of all Sales made at the Bax Coen Designs Shoe Fair shop go to Soles4Soules!

Let’s do good while Making Your Legs Famous

TP to Bax Coen Designs at Shoe Fair 2011 on the Iridium sim there is a Land-Point but this Surl has the exact coordinates to our booth just follow the red arrow 😉


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Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Dear Customers,

all BAX Prestige Boots sold before 2011-Apr-20 and the BAX Ankle Boots Patent and Suede have been updated and the new versions are available in the Main-store at the Update Station by the Desk.

What’s new with the BAX Ankle Boots?

– Alpha Mask support (Viewer 2, Phoenix, Imprudence, other Third Party Viewers) / Invisiprims optional
– Updated and Improved Scripts: Faster, using less Memory, removable via the Menu
– Faster resizing, fits even very strong legs now
– FurTop Option on all Models