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*NEW* BAX Regency Boots

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Bax Coen’s first and highly anticipated Thigh High Boots!

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BAX Regency Boots Feature Facts:

– 100% rigged original Mesh with extra attention put towards having a most realistic bending action at the joints

– Designed for SL Materials with lifelike shine and surface details but also for non-Materials setting in the viewer

– Fits out of the Box thanks to “Fitted Mesh” – adapts to muscle and body fat changes also – One size fits all standard sizes and more, additional PLUS and BBW sizes also provided

– 7 thrilling colors available

– Foot Fixer and Walk Sounds in the built in scripted Menu accessible by clicking the left Foot/ Leg.


BAX Regency Boots pre release Information

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

UPDATE: Linden Lab™ has updated the official SL™ viewer to support “Fitted Mesh”. “Fitted Mesh” is simply put just a redefinition of the “Collusion Bone Deformer” Bax Coen used to make the BAX Regency Boots. In result The BAX Regency Boots are not in jeopardy to become dysfunctional and Standart Sizes are obsolete. Once again Bax Coen Designs was one of the Pacemakers to introduce new ways of SL™ wearable convenience.
Thank you to all customers who continue to trust in Bax Coen Designs since 2007.

In regard to the release of the BAX Regency Boots we want to inform you about one of the product features where there has been some debate, concerns and potential problems connected to it.

The current version of BAX Regency Boots utilizes Collision Bone Deforming [ a.k.a Liquid Mesh™ (by Redgrave)] as a convenience to our customers. It is allowing the boots to conform better to the avatar shape and be modified with more avatar shape sliders, including muscle and fat settings. We won’t need more than 3 different sizes to cover most shapes and customers most likely won’t have to change their shape for the Boots to fit.

We are aware of two issues regarding this feature:

a) When using an integrated “Intel HD Graphics 4000” graphics card on Windows in combination with certain drivers and SL viewers with certain graphics preferences settings, you may experience some glitches with the display of the boots. This graphic card is also known to show problems with other objects and features of SL™. Read about it here.

b) Using the Collision Bone Deforming method is not officially supported by Linden Lab™ which means they will not guarantee that future technical changes to the SL™ viewer won’t affect existing items that use this technique.

In response to these issues we decided to additionally offer the common standard Mesh sizes for the BAX Regency Boots. This will be a free add on/ update provided as soon as they are manufactured, following the initial release.

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In hope this was helpful,

Your Bax Coen Designs Team

Summer SALE!

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

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