BAX Ankle Boots FAQ

[1] : Is there a Demo?
[2] : Where are the Boot’s Lace/Fur Tops?
[3] : The Boots look broken specially when zooming out (Skin shows through, lines or holes)
[4] : My Feet twitch when I wear them, what can I do about that?
[5] : How do I change their color?
[6] : None of the above

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Is there a Demo?

We do not have a Demo for the BAX Ankle Boots. However, with it’s advanced Fitting System we give a 99% guarantee that they will fit on any female shape which is not exceptionally short and strong built, regardless of the foot size. They can also be fitted for slim to medium sized male shapes. You can get a individual/ custom fitting  for free through us. If none of our CSRs are present, you can register your request at the BAX Service Terminal to get a notified when Staff is available.


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Where are the Boot’s Lace/Fur Tops?

Wear your Bax Ankle boots, click on the boots, a menu will appear in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  In menu, look for the option [TOP OPTS] and select.  From there you can select lace or fur (if applicable) and the color of your choice.


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The Boots look broken specially when zooming out (Skin shows through, lines or holes)

LODDebugging LOD – makes your boots look their best
Sculpted prims an look distorted without the correct settings in your viewer at a distance.
Many customers have the issue when they zoom out .

This is an Issue of the SL viewer showing Objects in a distance with less detail. Try fixing in Preferences-Graphics Tab first, check the custom box, under Mesh Detail -> pull the slider named Objects fully to the right. This should be sufficient for regular purposes. Wearing the Alpha Mask, now avilable for all BAX Boots models, also helps to solve this problem. High detailed close ups (ctrl-0) zooming, however requires latest hardware and further upscaling of SL’s viewer settings.

(if you havent known about this powerful feature for taking photographs, check it out! ctrl-0 zooms in (telephoto), ctrl-8 zooms out (wide angle lens) , ctrl-9 resets to the normal field of view. Things look less bulged and distorted when zooming in and especially portraits look better with that.) More so than the boots, small prims like jewelery will suffer from low Level-Of-Detail settings.

Here is how you can make sure your Bax boots (and other things) look good all the time!

Debugging LOD
LOD-2Debugging your LOD settings is something that will force all your sculpties to keep their correct shape. This is how to do it:

1. Show the “Advanced” menu with Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on a Mac.
2. Select “debug settings” near the bottom.
3. In the blank space, copy and paste the word:


4. The preferences slider range sets this value between 0 and 2, set it to 4-5 here to get all your prims looking great. Then close the window.

NOTE: Unlike increasing your draw distance, this will NOT create much more lag for yourself or none for those around you! And it will improve the look of all objects.


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My Feet twitch when I wear them, what can I do about that?

BAX Ankle Boots have a built in ‘Foot Fixer’ to keep your feet from bending at awkward angles when using poses or AO’s. If your feet twitch, your own AO/Pose animation and the Foot Fixer may be in conflict. You can turn off the Foot Fixer. Click on a boot for the Menu, then click the Button [AO/Feet]->[Free Feet]. You can turn it back on later if you need to fix your feet.


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How do I change their color?

Some Bax Ankle boots have various shades for the main boot color.   Black suede, brown suede, red suede, red patent and pink patent all have multiple shades available in the ankle boot.

Wear your Bax Ankle boots, click on the boots and a menu will appear in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  On the menu, look for the option [COLORS] and select.  Then look for the option MAIN – this is for the main boot color.  From here, you can choose the colors available to the boot.  Color cannot be customized for the main boot base.


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None of the above

You didn’t find an answer here or at Bax FAQ, you have a question that is not mentioned?
At our Main-store you can direct your question to a BAX Customer Service Representative (CSR). Register a request at the Service Terminal if no Staff is present during your visit or feel free to use the Suggestion Box (leave a Note-card) should this suit your needs.

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