BAX Hosiery Appliers Info

BAX Hosiery is now offered for Mesh Bodies and Mesh legs of popular brands you love to wear. BAX Hosiery offers Appliers for Slink ( Feet and Physique Mesh Body), Omega Appliers (works for: Phat Azz, Cute Azz, WowMeh, Belleza a. o.)

Omega Appliers Info

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What is the Omega Project?
The Vision:
Picture an Applier System that works for most, if not all the best Mesh Bodies and Body Parts on the Grid.

For Users: 
A greater variety of clothing, no matter what mesh parts or body you use!

For Clothing Creators:
A single applier will drastically expand the number of different Mesh Avis that can use your clothing, expanding your audience greatly.

For Mesh Creators:
Provide your customers with a exponentially larger variety of available clothing, boosting your sales.

For All of us:
Mesh Bodies and Parts are clearly the way forward, but without a universally accepted applier, clothing mesh Avatars is a clunky, proprietary process. The vast majority of clothing on the market would’t work for any given mesh Avatar. Thankfully, we have a solution.

How Does it Work?

We sell a variety of kits, each works a little differently, but most involves putting listener scripts in your mesh.  These Scripts listen for Tango and Omega Appliers, allowing you to use these appliers for a wide variety of meshes. Wondering if your Mesh is already supported?  click here.

In addition to being able to use Tango and Omega appliers on your mesh, every kit comes with instructions how to convert your Phat Azz and Banned Appliers to Omega. And if that’s STILL not enough choices for you, we have kits that allow you to convert your Sking, Ghetto Booty and some Slink appliers to Omega.

Omega How to get it to work

Slink Appliers Info

(more info on

How Does it Work?

Wear your Slink Mesh Body part (Body & or Feet) Find -> add to outfit -> the Slink Utilities HUD -> Toggle Stockings on.  Wear the BAX Hosiery Slink Applier -> Click the Button of layer you want to wear-> the desired texture will appear.


known issues
– Distortions

Some mesh bodies and legs will show slight distortions in the patterns and at the back seams. It can be more or less obvious, depending on how accurate the texture mapping is executed in the making of the mesh. This is a flaw in the mesh, not in the applier textures and will be seen with with other appliers in a similar way.

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