BAX Booties info

BAX Booties Info

A fashion forward extravagant Bootie witch features several Texture-color combinations in each model for a distinctive unique appeal. The BAX Bootie offers a resize Script and a Foot Fixxer adjustable via sripted menu.

Designed to make your Legs Famous

BAX Booties Quick Info

To access the Settings Menu, click on a Boot.

– To fit the Boots to your avatar size, resize them using the Size… Buttons, both boots change simultaneously.
– You can hide the bow to prevent it from sticking through long pants using the [Hide Bows] button, [Show Bows] make them reappear.
– [Fix Feet] keeps the feet from moving which gives a better look with certain poses or AOs. [Free Feet] makes the feet move free again.
– [Invisiprim] toggles the Invisiprim on/off which needs to be used with SL Viewer 1.23
– [Scripts..] allows you (after another confirmation dialog) to delete the scripts in the Boots. IMPORTANT : make a copy of the boots into a new folder before.

If you need further Assistance with any problems or issues please visit the Bax Coen Designs Mainstore

Ask a Customer Service Representative or use the Service Terminal to see answers to FAQs or to register a request for personal Service.

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