BAX Foxy Boots (MESH) Info

The  BAX Foxy Boots (MESH) is that must have Ankle Boot of the season each pair comes in two colors wearable with flapped cuffs or without in order to coordinate with various clothing. Fun is guaranteed with the multiple accent color preset choices in the BAX Foxy Boots (MESH) menu, from hip neon colors to subtle naturals anything goes.

If you also enjoy being a Petite you’ll be happy to hear they can be resized to fit your “Petite Avatar” as well.

Designed to make your Legs Famous

BAX Foxy Boots Quick Info

BAX Foxy Boots are made of MESH and require a Mesh-enabled viewer. They can be resized to fit using the built-in menu.  Sizing for Petite and similar small Mesh avatars is supported.

To access the Settings Menu, click on a Boot.

– To fit the Boots to your avatar size, resize them using the Size(+-) Buttons, both boots change simultaneously.
– You can hide the cuff to prevent it from sticking through under long pants using the [Hide Cuffs] button, [Show Cuffs] make them reappear.
– [Fix Feet] keeps the feet from moving which gives a better look with certain poses or AOs. [Free Feet] makes the feet move free again.
– [Scripts/Reset..] Opens a sub-menu where you can reset colors, size and attachment position of the boots and (after another confirmation dialog) delete the scripts in the Boots. IMPORTANT : make a copy of the boots into a new folder before.

If you need further Assistance with any problems or issues please visit the Mainstore

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