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BAX Regency Boots Quick Info

Wearing the boots

BAX Regency Boots come in 3 sizes that include ‘Collision Bone Deforming’ which fits the Boot to your shape within certain limits:

– STANDARD (for all small and average shapes, including all that conform to one of the Standard Sizes)
– PLUS (for bigger shapes)
– BBW (for Big Beautiful Women)

1. Open the Boot’s folder in your inventory
2. Wear the included base shoe and wear/add the alpha mask

3. Double click on the boot size that best fits your size object or  right click > wear to wear them

Click here to see -> How to wear the BAX Regency Boots with Phat/ Cute Azz or other Mesh Legs/ Bodies

To access the Settings Menu, click on the right foot.

– [Fix Feet]: keeps the feet from moving which gives a better look with certain poses or AOs. [Free Feet] makes the feet move free again.
– [Rem.Script..]: Opens a confirmation dialog where you can delete the script in the Boots. IMPORTANT : make a copy of the boots into a new folder before or be sure you have kept the original box that the boots came in
– [Walk Sound On/Off] , [ Volume+/-]: Turn the walk sound on/off, change its volume
– [Sound Pace..]: Open a dialog where you can change the walk sound speed to match your walk Animation

If you need further Assistance with any problems or issues please visit the Main-store.

Ask a Customer Service Representative or register a request for personal Service.

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