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BAX Fitting Storage™ & BAX Service Terminal™

Monday, January 4th, 2010

We at Bax Coen ™ Designs have an important goal and it’s satisfied customers. Bax Coen is a master in finding new ways to revolutionize your Second Life® experience while using our products. The latest introduced “BAX Prestige Boots™” are a multi-functional scripted high end product. Which is the first of it’s kind to adjust itself to fit your Second Life® avatar shape not the other way around and provides several styling options where every fashionista gets week in her knees.

All of this is no news for you, but with the release of The “BAX Prestige Boots™” in suede a new tool was launched to make the fitting process even more convenient. In our main-store where we provide the FREE fitting service we installed a storage device that keeps your fitting parameters. (more…)